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Dennis began learning music when in primary school and started, by receiving violin tuition. After winning a scholarship at the age of 12, he attended Trinity College of Music, London on Saturdays, where he was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to learn the piano and general musicianship under the direction of Ken Paige. After 6 years at Trinity, Dennis became a full time student at the same establishment and attained an LTCL on the violin, an LTCL on the piano (under the direction of Simon Young) and a First Class Hons. GTCL qualification. Following this, he studied at the University of London, Institute of Education where he attained an MTC teaching qualification and several years later, a PDME.


During his time at Trinity, Dennis became very interested in jazz and pop and began performing throughout London and the South East. He has since performed thousands of gigs as a soloist, in bands and in duos, at a wide variety of venues in the UK and abroad, including at a Prince Charles Garden Party, on a plane, on ships and several times on BBC radio, BBC TV and Sky TV.

Dennis is also a keen composer and has had his works performed at numerous venues, including the Dominion Theatre, London and on national radio.

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